Monday, July 15, 2013

Bhen's baby shower

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Bhen is going back home sooner than we thought so we decided to give her a simple baby shower last Saturday.   We decided to have it at Jollibee, apparently we're only going to eat and chitchat LOL.

So Thursday night I was already brainstorming on what activities we can do while having our brunch.

1. Baby shower guest book.

The tree thumbprint is a common choice which is also good for weddings but I decided to go for the Raindrops concept.  It's cuter and I think suits the baby shower better.  For now the baby's gender is girl according to the mum to be so I chose a yellow theme.

Since we are only few attending, I used a regular A4 sized paper, copied some clipart and traced it to a cardstock then cut, I drew and cut the umbrella and the handbag.

I tested several ink pads that would blend in the design and I decided on this blue green color. The space was a bit tight so I asked them to use their pinky finger instead of the thumb.  I love the result!

2. Wishes for Baby book

 Got this free template from laurenmakes.  I don't have a printer so I went to the lab and printed copies of these in 4R size. We used photo pen to write on this, while their instax photo is pasted at the space provided during the actual baby shower

This book is quick and easy since it is a premade album that I just embellished with the cover and added some pp pages.

Though the girls had a hard time filling up the phrase, one of our friends wrote quirky answers like this:

"I hope that you aren't afraid of the dark"


3. Goodies

What's a party without some goodies?  I bought these candy cones with the intention of putting a circle sticker on top with a hidden fortune message just like the fortune kisses.  But the top cover was glossy and my paper won't stick so I decided to make these labels.  Not sure if they look like bibs?

Anyway the ladies had fun reading their fortune message, I had fun doing these as well.

Finally I prepared three games for them:

1. 4 Pic 1 Word, it's a popular mobile app game so I created my own version using images from Google, I just showed the image on my iPad while I let them guess.

2. Unscramble, I wrote these letters, can you guess?

3. The matching game - I bought pouches of choco-filled biscuits with the Angry Bird theme. All they have to do is match the biscuits and eat the remaining unmatched ones.

It was an over-all fun event for us, and we did it inside a fastfood chain filled with customers. I think some of them had fun watching us as well. We did try to lower down our voices but the staff wasn't concerned about that but instead they are concern about the "outside" food so we were asked to keep the choco-filled biscuits.  Apparently they just got their Halal certificate.  Point taken ;)

Here is the complete mini baby shower set =)

Thanks for dropping by!

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