Thursday, July 11, 2013

Confetti party

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I had a party!  It's my first time organizing a birthday party for myself and it's stressful.  I thought of the food and drinks and never bothered about decorations.  But then again it's not me LOL

This is my e-invite, I used Red Stamp iPhone app template and did some minor tricks here and there.

I made some garlands!  I circle punched my scrap papers and old colored papers from stash and machine stitched them all. I hanged them around the chandeliers and also lined them up at the wall as photo booth backdrop.

To add a bit more party feel, I bunched metallic balloons and tied them together with colored ribbons and hanged them on the ceiling. This is inspired from A Subtle Revelry's balloon cloud.

I just re-used my old photo booth stuff from the Smurfs theme party and just added this DIY pompom headband.  Inspired again from A Subtle Revelry's pompom headband.  I didn't have time to make my own pompoms so I bought ready made ones and tied them up in a plastic headband.

And here are some fun photo booth moments!

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