Wednesday, August 07, 2013

And let's "post" for a commercial

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My blog has been hit! So many hits because of my Lalaloopsy collection.

So just to give an update, to date I have a total of 60 mini lalaloopsies!  And I'm craving for more!

Thanks to the following site and blog, which posts updates on the latest about the Lalaloopsy merchandise.

Lalaloopsy wiki
Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

My Fairy Tales collection is almost complete, so on top of my wish list are the missing romantic couple Prince Handsome and Cinder Slippers.

And have you seen the latest minis?  The Golden Brick Red Collection, Wizard of Oz inspired...I sooo love them all!
Baley Sticks n Straws

Dotty Gale Winds

Kitty B Brave

Tinny Ticker

And the part 2 are just as awesome, I think this is the series that I will aim to complete, yeah all 8 of them hahaha
April Sunsplash

Cloud E.Sky

Kat Jungle Roar

Pickle B.L.T.

And this is the upcoming Target exclusive Halloween edition. The dolls are getting cuter and cuter though some pets are just recolored and their hairs and bodies are molds from other minis they are all adorable in their own way!
image source

I just placed 6 dolls on my Amazon cart, still taking deep breaths before I make that click LOL  I've spent too much on these dolls already yaiks!

With the new dolls introduced I was hoping one of them will have the same birthday as mine, it would  really be cool, if that happens I'll buy the big one LOL

Meanwhile back here...

It's frustrating that shops here in Singapore just started stocking on the Series 6 collection, a few have the Fairy Tales and the Series 1.  So yeah I have yet to get my hands on Dollop *sigh*

I'll be taking a short trip back home, so let's see if I can find Dollop as I scour the toy shops ;)

Meanwhile I found Charlotte, Bubbles and Rosy hiding in my bag so I might as well take some photos =)
Nurse by day, Clown by night LOL

Bubbles just chillin' with her bubble gum

Rosy: Stop clowning around Charlotte

Send in the cutest clown!

the girls giggle over Peppy's spotlight ;)

It's gonna be a very long weekend here in Singapore, have a great one!

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