Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MT Expo

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A very late post...

I went to the MT Expo at ION and was in awe with the very colorful display of paper balloons.

Even the walls and floors were covered with washi.

They have a make & take station which is awesome and took me awhile only to realize how ugly my altered earphones were after adhering those assorted MTs LOL.  Just for the sake of adhering.

Of course I did try the gachapons, and I got  2 designs which have the same pattern of what I just purchased. Darn hahaha

I'm not into washi, but they are just so pretty to look at.  I managed to spend only $30 after putting back a lot of tapes from my basket.  I hope I can do something crafty with my new washi.


salme said...

Wow!!! Sobrang nakakatuwa naman yan hahaha gusto ko din yung paper balloons.

Sunghee said...

Lucky you! I wish I could have gone, too as I LOVE wash tapes! Your blog is so colorful. Makes me so happy.