Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy together

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I've been too preoccupied with a sudden moving-out dilemma, yet again right?  How many times do I have to move?
Scrapwise,  I gave up my cabinet *sigh*  and I have to let go tons of loose stickers, scrap papers among other things.  After the purging I still have around 6-7 boxes!  I'll be updating my sales page soon and hopefully I can sell my other stuff in grab-bag style.

It's tough and hard but there are things you must learn to let go in order to move on.
Speaking of moving on, a colleague decided to move on and as a farewell gift I thought of giving her a fill-in-the frame layout.  Hopefully she will like it.

and here's a sample with a photo

P.S.  I will still scrap, it's one thing that calms me in a very stressful environment.

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