Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's a lovely day

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A peek at my scrapbooking process for my XL layouts.

Good thing I found a shop that sells large acid free CS, they range in different sizes.
I resized my CS according to the size of my frame. Just rough measurements and then cut/trim.

Since I love texture and medium in my LO, I prep my page with a generous amount of gesso using a palette so the gesso will not stay flat on the surface.  The uneven coat adds texture.

While waiting for the paint to dry,  I "shop" for my materials.  Got this idea from Bebang, so I will not be overwhelmed with my stash, I look out out for materials in my stash that I can use and put them on my tray.  I try to stick with them through the whole process.  It helps in maximizing your stash and organizing ideas as well.

So I cut my papers (I'm still a fuzzy cutter by heart) and try to form a sketch as I lay them down on my table.

Since this LO has an empty frame, I have to use a sample photo to help me with my rough draft.

Then I transfer them to the actual page.  This is the time I think of where I should concentrate on adding mediums like texture paint, mist, stamp or water colors etc.

 And then it's done!
I love lots of embellies and layers in my LO, even a strip of washi could add depth to an LO

Adding mat to cutouts defines the shape

watercolor and a drizzle of stickles

 This is gonna be my last XL for the year as I venture to my Project:Handmade Christmas gifts.
I'm nervous and excited with this project, wish me luck!

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