Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lala Love

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They are growing!  To date I have 73!
(3 of them are still in boxes for some quirky reasons, Pixie, coz her box still has the price tag in Rupiah, Coral, her box has Korean writings, Toasty since her outfit is white and velvet texture which is prone to dust)

And I have two more in transit *excited*

They are April Sunsplash and Kat Jungle Roar to complete my Series 11
I love the vibrant color of April, her one sided ponytail (I used to do my hair like that when I was young), her sunnies are sooo hip!
A lot of comments from the collectors mentions Kat reminds them of Katy Perry in her Roar video, and I agree! She's so cute! well all of them are hehe

Here are  my latest loot.

I thought Cloud E Sky deserves a solo pictorial, she's so pretty with her halo and wings... dainty in pink!

I'll try to give all my minis their own pictorial soon ;)

Meanwhile here are the other minis to come up next year.

Peggy is a must have, that patch is so rad! And I like the details of Haley.
I'm wondering if there's a Christmas mini for this year, haven't heard any news.

I'm recycling some of my display box  to give as gifts for kids this coming Christmas.  Maybe new wall paper, wall decorations and furnitures, the fun stuff!

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Lola Azul said...

OMG!!. You've got a lovely collection. Congratulations!! :)