Sunday, February 23, 2014

Breaking in

Just received a request for a guest book/ poster LO for a debutante this coming June. It felt ages the last time I made an LO so I need a refresher to see if I still can create a decent page.

I promised several friends from overseas that I will gift them with LOs. Christmas and Valentine's day passed by and I barely touched my tools. So this afternoon I finally sat down and started working on a 12x12 canvas.
Here's my initial design, I used a photo of my beloved parents for a better look at the composition.
And here is my final LO. I think a black & white or sepia photo will look good on this canvas.
Not yet in the mood for mediums so I just used mists to add color. I love the effect when I dabbed the excess with the tissue paper, I think they complemented the roses of the pp.

Some more close-ups...

I realized this is my first LO that I totally go pastel all the way. It looks dainty and sweet :)
Am I ready for an XL LO? What do you think?


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