Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Barbie outfits!

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Here's another hand stitched Barbie outfit, blouse, shorts and headband, the bag is machine stitched.

Yep my sewing machine is back from the cold and dark storage room.  Started sewing again!

Pink polka dress.  The stitches are still sloppy so I added the white trim to tighten her waist, the back can be closed with velcro

Summer polka dot bikini!  Again another blooper, that ruffled trim on her bikini is supposed to be front and back but made a mistake and stitched the wrong side! 

Practice makes perfect so I will try to recreate these outfits for my Pullip dolls! I hope Barbie doesn't get mad since I'm using her as a guinea pig LOL.

I broke a needle in the process and was very annoyed that the thread kept on breaking.  Blame it on myself since I used the cheap brands from Daiso LOL

Am still scrapblocked!  I need to do an XL LO with a Hollywood/Oscars theme, can't seem to figure out how to begin *sigh*

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