Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY miniature house - Forest Dream

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I'm in the "toy" phase so I've been searching some stuff for a DIY dollhouse and stumbled into this miniature.  It is a 1:144 scale, yes that small!

I thought it would only take me 5 hours to complete but I underestimated the complexity of the DIY kit, or maybe I overestimated my capabilities LOL  First challenge was the manual which is written in Chinese, though there were illustrations I still mixed up the pieces.

Second challenge are the tiny furniture.  The hardest part for me was the tiny kettle.  I could have left it as a small bead but I insisted on adding the handle.

I did enjoy making those small books for the book case.

Third challenge was the balcony, after 3 tries I finally stopped and let it be LOL

Fourth challenge was the lighting, I hate this part, I'm more of a carpenter than an electrician. I think this is the part where I almost gave up.  Finally made it work with my perseverance LOL

The thing  I enjoyed most are the trees, with the swing and the picnic setting.  It's made of wire, paper twine, sticks and dried plants.

Note: these cute bunnies are not included in the kit, it's from my pocket sylvanian house ;)

I used the wrong material for the leaves but I liked it anyway ;)

Final challenge is the assembly of the 3-level house, with the light.

The assembly inside the glass ball was the easiest part and the most exciting one since it's the last part of my DIY journey =D 

I completed this project in 3 days, approximately 5 hours per day, yes I'm that slow LOL
Can't help peeking through the house from time to time.

I found a video in you tube on the process of making this DIY miniature house.  She was awesome in the process and made it look easy.   She skipped the trees but basically the process is just like how I did it.  If you're interested,  I  bought this kit at Qoo10 for SGD26 including shipping.

I'll definitely get another kit but not so soon, if ever this is my next choice.  The version of the house in "UP" movie, so cute!

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