Monday, May 19, 2014


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I was ecstatic when a friend of mine offered me to watch Eat Bulaga live.  Though I watched their show here in Singapore at that time Ryzza Mae show was not yet conceptualize.  I really wanted to meet this adorable girl in person, and yes it's in my bucketlist ;)

So I created this canvas LO for her as a gift. 

My housemate picked the photo to go with the LO because I don't have a picture in mind when I did this LO.

Funny thing is I was able to print the photo only the night before since I'm having problems with the photo shops that are unable to accept my thumbdrive.

During the show I was reluctant to show my LO then finally before the Ryzza's show ended I displayed it on my lap and a staff noticed it.  They asked me to go down the stage and give it to her personally.  Her eyes were all glued to this project so I just gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back to my seat.

I think she liked it as she was holding onto it the whole ending segment.  I couldn't be happier.

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