Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Con-tenora scrappers

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We call ourselves con-tenora, an inside joke that we are a team in the choir pit against the tenors LOL.

Anyway since yesterday was a public holiday, I invited my friends for a scrappy session.  It was a slow start but eventually they were able to create their own masterpiece.

I just taught them the basics for adding mists with stencils for an artsy effect.  Thankfully I have stocks of B5 sized canvas that they were able to use. My instaxshare printer came in handy for the photos they used, just the right size!

I love how their canvas blend in together!

I have no intention to scrap, but I did try.  Eventually I opted to finish one of my long overdue in-progress LO.

layering with mist and stamp


Hopefully we can do this again =)

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