Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Miniature DIY

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 My Lalaloopsy dollhouse was a hit and frankly I want my own LOL.  I started to do another version but this time the casing is a mooncake box instead of a lunchbox.  Obviously the season of mooncake just passed so there are pretty boxes everywhere.  But I didn't get any this year so I used the old boxes from last year and went ahead.

The making of mini shelves/furnitures.  The accessible paint is still my Martha Stewart silver metallic not sure if the color will blend in the house.

Here is my bed, again made of sponges, fabric, felt, trims, beads and buttons.

I'm testing how it would look like in the bedroom, not bad, but I don't like the metallic color.

While I procastinate on the dollhouse project, I was thinking/executing another project -- a toy store diorama!

Here's my first attempt for the display shelves

Here's Pete with the mini toys!

This diorama is progressing now instead of the dollhouse, so let's see in the coming days =)

On a side note I recently had an inventory of my mini Lalas, to date I have a total of 86!  There are new Target exclusives coming in so I will definitely go to Ebay for this, and for the remaining series I'll try my luck back home.  Yep I'm coming home again! Vacation time!

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